The term relationome was introduced.

biological relationome

A biological relationome is understood to be the totality of all biological relationships (relations) that exist at a certain point in time for a living being or a part of a living being.

relationomes, the

Plural of the term relationome

relationomic; relationomical; relationomcally

… means something like "concerning the relationome; plural: concerning the relationomes".

Abbreviations and their meanings

Abbreviation compact Abbreviation Meaning
Rnom Rnom. relationome
bRnom biol.Rnom. biological relationome
rnom rnom. relationomical (adv.); relationomcally (adv.)
RnomE Rnom.Exp. relationomical expansion
RnomMC Rnom.Mod.Comp. relationomical modulation competence
RnomR Rnom.Red. relationomical reduction
RnomT Rnom.Trsf. relationomical transfer
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