Because of the outstanding importance of relations, three new terms are introduced in this book: the relationome(s), relationome research and relationomical medicine.

relationomical medicine

Relationomical medicine is a practical science that focuses on the relationomes in terms of their importance in the prevention, development and cure of diseases. Relationomical medicine strives to re-harmonise a patient's relationomes. It prefers the partnership model of the doctor-patient relationship.

relationome research

Relationome research is an iterative scientific process. It searches for new findings on relationomes, documents and publishes them. It uses all scientific theoretical approaches to identify and describe relationomes.
Biological relationome research is concerned with the study of relationomes using biochemical methods.
The glossary below lists some more terms used in relationom research.

biological relationome

A biological relationalome is understood to be the totality of all biological relationships (relations) that exist for a living being or a part of a living being at a particular point in time. Biological relationomes are dynamic.

relationome, the

The relationome is the set of relationships (relations) of an object.

relationomes, the

Plural of the term relationome

relationomic (adj.)

… means something like "concerning the relationome; plural: concerning the relationomes".

relationomical (adv.); relationomcally (adv.)

… means something like "concerning the relationome; plural: concerning the relationomes".

Abbreviations and their meanings

Abbreviation compact Abbreviation Meaning
Rnom Rnom. relationome
bRnom biol.Rnom. biological relationome
rnom rnom. relationomical (adv.); relationomcally (adv.)
RnomE Rnom.Exp. relationomical expansion
RnomMC Rnom.Mod.Comp. relationomical modulation competence
RnomR Rnom.Red. relationomical reduction
RnomT Rnom.Trsf. relationomical transfer
Below are some terms relating to the cells and their relationomes.

relationomical expansion

… is the ability to quickly generate many relationomes.

relationomical modulation competence

The relationomical modulation competence of cells living in a network is the decisive factor that ensures the survival of the cells. The epigenetic modulation competence and the relationomical modulation competence are a notional protective wall that enables the relative constancy of the information deposited in the DNA.

relationomical reduction

… is the ability to regularly reduce accumulated information to basic relationomical information.

relationomical transfer

… the ability to pass on basic relationomical information to the next generation.

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